Startup Stories: Scaling to Top 100 Customers : Part 1

Roshni Mohandas
2 min readAug 16, 2022

Building a foundation of sustainable growth

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Looking at ways of increasing my customer base to 100 which is at 20ish now. I happened to attend the growth stack conference from Hubspot ( From Dan Tyre) and the notes are below.

Scaling Essentials 1: Get a plan and process

Note down everything and have daily and weekly goals. Customers to acquire, customers acquired, churn, total, expense

Let's start with a number and work backward

Scaling Essentials 2: Product Market Fit

Monetize customers effectively. Start and get many data points as you can. So that you can analyze product market fit and other details.

Scaling Essentials 3: Ideal Customer Profile

The riches lie in Niches. Find your niches. Clearly define the ideal customer profile.

Have multiple ideal customer profiles. But once you decide and finalize something double down on it.

Scaling Essentials 4: Basic Sales Process

Identify good fit customers.

Scaling Essentials 5: Technology

People who have the right tech stack wins. Process, repeatability, etc is important. Automate your marketing to a large extent.

Scaling Essentials 7: Hiring a GTM Team

GTM (Sales): working with customers across sales, customer success, and support. They become the customer advocate for the product org and are looking for ways to “replace themselves” by putting what they learn into videos, FAQs, guides, etc.

GTM ( Marketing): Find scalable ways of reaching users, ideally through referrals and organic discovery. Without enough users, it’s impossible to collect consistent product data or run meaningful experiments. This person has a strong grasp of the product as well as the target user and can use that knowledge to generate an initial pipeline of prospective users.

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