Startup Stories: How to tell a compelling story?

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I have been intrigued with storytelling and how we as humans learned to start telling stories, some of the earliest evidence of stories comes from cave drawings. There are a few drawings even at Wayanad Caves in Kerala which is my home state. Some of these drawings appear to be visual stories which are very interesting evolution.

As we have stories to convey messages in every facet of human life, when you are trying to sell a product, you need a story there too. Since we at are also struggling a bit with it, I tried to go deeper and understand more about this. Also was lucky to attend a session with Massimo Martinotti and got the opportunity to discuss a few things with him as well. What amazing thoughts he has.

As startups, we need to understand how to tell stories and convey them. Following are a few things that I learned

Ingredients of a compelling story

Define Archetypes and Blocks: Archetype defines who you are and blocks define where you are going. Also important to define customers' emotions as well

We startups need to find our own story. There is a strong tendency to use archetypes or categories from a competitor or another brand. If possible, pls don't do this. How do you find your essence and stand out? Please follow a framework as suggested above

Don’t change the archetype and plot unless something happens. Maintain for years the same story.

As startups, we need to find our own stories. When we moved out of Africa we bought our stories with us. This will continue through human existence.

Wishing you all success with storytelling! Having a startup is about more than just building a product but also about how we tell our company’s story!



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