Growth Metrics for Product Management

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Measurable way to say how well the business is performing

Growth metrics are the metrics that are measured to check the growth of the business

Specific metrics will depend on the product and business, we will look at some of the generic ones

Lead Generation Rate by Channel

Lead refers to a visitor on a channel, the channel is different social media. This particular metric shows how successful each channel is in generating leads

Monthly visitor sessions

Traffic from different channels, this is showing overall effectiveness of all channels

Conversion Rates

% of visitors that are converted into users

Customer Activation Cost (CAC)

Helps answer how much we need to spend to activate a customer.


Monthly active users are the users that interact with users in a meaningful way.

Churn Rate

The users who left the product either because they lost interest or went to competitors

Primary and Secondary Metrics

Primary Metrics

Directly translates to business goal and is the key metric we aim to improve

Secondary Metrics

These are the related metrics that may have dependencies on or influence the primary metric. Secondary metrics can be downstream or upstream of the primary metrics



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