All about CCD for Indian Startups

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I am currently raising funds for my startup, and here are the details I am learning regarding CCD for my startup.

A company can issue debentures as a way to raise capital. Debentures are debt instruments that are issued by a company and backed by its creditworthiness and reputation, rather than by specific collateral. They are typically used by companies to raise long-term finance and can be issued in various forms, such as secured debentures, unsecured debentures, and convertible debentures.

Here are some details that a startup in India should know about debentures:

The following needs to be decided while raising a convertible debenture, sharing this as we had to decide all of the below

Also, we have made a term sheet with our lawyer. The following details are required for a term sheet

The following will be the things that you will need to ask your lawyer to help you with

Hope the above set of information was helpful to you. If you need any further information, please write to me to know more



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